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the shots are heard

and the bullets scream death as they fly

Liquid Snake/Lieutenant J.G. Moriarty
21 August
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The life of Liquid Snake has been a difficult one, to say the least. Cloned as the unknowingly superior of a pair of twins, Liquid has spent years laboring under the lie his father planted in his mind that he could never be half of what his twin Solid Snake could. Liquid became bitter and hateful, ignoring all his emotions save only for the rage and desire for revenge he regarded his father with.

He spent most of his early life in England, joining the British SAS at 18 and spending four years as a POW during the Gulf War. It was after this time that Liquid took control of FOXHOUND, the organization started by his father.

Shadow Moses

It was on Shadow Moses that everything changed. Dispatched to guard the revolutionary new weapon known as Metal Gear REX, Liquid and a squadron of five were sent to the nuclear disposal facility in the Fox Archipelago. When REX was nearing completion, there was a mutiny of sorts and an attempt on Liquid's life by Revolver Ocelot.

In the course of events, Liquid met Meryl Silverburgh. Thanks to her, he discovered that the rebellion had been planned months ahead of time. FOXHOUND's loyalty was no longer to their commander, but to Solid Snake.

He confronted his traitorous comrades one by one, eliminating them with the exception of a rather fortunate Ocelot. Along the line, he defended Hal Emmerich from a certain cyborg ninja that had seemed to mistake Liquid for his brother, and was confronted by his worst and only fear--being captured alive.

Ultimately, Liquid confronted his despised brother--Snake had gone insane over killing his own father in the line of duty and adopted his dream of Outer Heaven, a nation comprised only of soldiers. After being confronted by the ninja known as Gray Fox and eliminating him, Snake commandeered REX and forced Liquid to neutralize it.

While Liquid and Otacon were leaving through the underground escape route, Liquid realized his twin had survived everything thrown at him thus far; he sent Otacon ahead and engaged Snake in one final shootout then and there. Both of them badly wounded, Liquid was at last the one to prove his superiority.

Philanthropy and the U.S.S Discovery

Liquid disbanded FOXHOUND after the incident and returned to England; a few months later, Otacon appeared at his front door with the information that Ocelot had sold REX's blueprints on the black market and the offer of a position in an anti-Metal Gear organization. They needed a highly trained operative, and Liquid had been the only one to come to mind. Though he was indifferent to the idea of an all-out war fought with massive nuclear robots, Liquid accepted the offer regardless.

They traveled the country for two years, eliminating all the the REX derivatives they heard about. When the Marines developed RAY, Liquid managed to sneak on board the taker where it was held for photographic evidence. The mission went well, until the reappearance of Ocelot. Liquid's former subordinate stole RAY and sank the ship, leading to the deaths of nearly everyone on board. Knowing Philanthropy would be blamed for the incident and labeled environmental terrorists, Liquid and Otacon took the opportunity to fake Liquid's death and disappear for a while.

The Big Shell

After hearing rumors of another Metal Gear called 'Arsenal', Liquid and Otacon infiltrated the Big Shell as Navy SEAL Lieutenant Junior Grade James Moriarty and an average Big Shell engineer.

This mission, however, was nowhere near as simple as it looked--between the appearance of a rookie soldier named Raiden and a man calling himself Liquid Snake, the two Philanthropists were in for far more than initially expected.

[Note: whatever I use him in, Liquid will be taken from this point, early in the Big Shell mission where he and Raiden are still defusing bombs.]